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Coaching with Julia Yanker

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Body-Mind Healing

I know the mechanism of injury for how life’s events get trapped in our body, mind, and spirit, trapping us in patterns that do not serve us in our living our desired life. I am trained to gently help release this from the body, which allows you more freedom of movement within your body, emotions, and thoughts; thus allowing an organic change in your stuck behavior patterns and leading to new actions and possibilities in life. 

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Who, What, When, Where, Why

I can see where and how and why people are stuck, and I can help them uncover their own clarity – who they really are, what they really want, and next steps along life’s path.

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For Yourself and Others

 Life is hard. It hurts – I know. I want to help, and I have gone deep to develop the skills to do so. I will walk with you into the deepest darkest to befriend the demons and retrieve your own authenticity, integrity, and gifts.


To Blossom At Your Pace

No matter race, religion, sexual orientation, or any orientation; what you have and haven’t done; I hold a tight container and safe space to allow you to metaphorically dismember and re-member yourself. This re-membering and all that it encompasses is a sacred process, and I am honored to guide you on this path and light the way when you can’t see. 

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"I came to Julia because I felt frenzied, stressed and overwhelmed. Little did I know just how deep we would dig to get to the root of these feelings. Julia helped me find ways to make meaningful changes, both internally and externally. Julia takes a very holistic, well-rounded approach. She’s open to the myriad of paths and ideas that can offer people help and inspiration. She recognizes that life is an ever-evolving process, and encourages embracing the journey."

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