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Interested in working with me? Here are the ways you can do that.

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Body-Mind-Spirit Healing

By co-creating the conditions necessary for healing and transformation with you, my client, we will work together to address whatever challenges or struggles you wish to transform.


I am the guide who understands the mechanism of injury for how life’s events get trapped in our body, mind, and spirit (hint: it's all about the nervous system!), keeping us stuck in patterns that help us cope, but not thrive.


A Place to Gather, Learn, & Grow

This is a group that meets once a month with a shared communal goal of learning how to have better, healthier relationships that nourish & nurture us. Many of us weren't taught this skill growing up - and it IS a skill - so we are learning it together here. I hope you'll come join us! 💞

People come and go as their schedule allows - monthly commitment not required. 

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Reconnect, Repair, & Revitalize Your Relationship

Our society would have you believe that couples meet, fall in love, commit to each other, and live happily ever after. In reality, there are many challenges that couples must learn to navigate together. Ruptures and rifts will occur - do you know how to repair them? Not many of us do. Healthy relationships weren't modeled to most of us. I can help you learn the lost art of healthy relating.   



Commune With Nature, Yourself, & Kindred Spirits

On occasion, I offer retreats because I love gathering with my community, in nature, where we have the time and space to deeply explore both our inner and outer landscapes. Come join me in playful, sacred space.


Sign up for my newsletter to stay in the know when they are offered. 

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Mark Important Rites of Passage with Ceremony & Ritual

In life, we navigate many transitions. Through ceremony, we can honor and celebrate these waypoints.


Whether you are looking for someone to officiate a wedding, facilitate a memorial, guide a birth circle, or co-create some other rite of passage, I would be honored to design and lead the perfect ceremony with you. 



When Disaster Strikes

I am a trained crisis counselor and hold a deep respect for the process that individuals and organizations go through when a crisis occurs in their midst. I offer individual and group support to help contain, stabilize, and support in the face of disaster or tragedy. 



"I came to Julia because I felt frenzied, stressed and overwhelmed. Little did I know just how deep we would dig to get to the root of these feelings. Julia helped me find ways to make meaningful changes, both internally and externally. Julia takes a very holistic, well-rounded approach. She’s open to the myriad of paths and ideas that can offer people help and inspiration. She recognizes that life is an ever-evolving process, and encourages embracing the journey."

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