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Private, 1-on-1 Coaching

Personalized for You

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Individual & Packaged Coaching Sessions

Learn more about single sessions, package deals, and my monthly membership.


Compass Session

A 90-minute session to help you chart your immediate course and navigate life with confidence.


Phoenix: A Day-long Immersion

In this day-long retreat, we'll dive deep into who you are, where you've been, & where you're going. 

My Approach

My training is as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Life Coach. I blend these approaches together to help you meet your stated goals. Or, if you feel lost and have no idea what you want, we'll start with uncovering your inner voice and deepest desires that bring motivation into your life. 

You are your own best authority on your life. It's not my job to tell you what to do, but to help you uncover your own inner source of wisdom and knowing.


The Body-Mind Connection
Many people seek coaching or therapy because we wish to change our life circumstances. Our behaviors lead to many life circumstances. What we oftentimes don't know, which is the reason we haven't been able to enact change, is that behaviors are governed by our thoughts and emotions, which, in turn, arise from sensations in the body.


When we turn to the body and resolve old patterns in the nervous system, this organically creates a chain reaction that impacts all the way downstream to our behaviors and life circumstances.

I am trained to gently help release these old patterns from the body, which allows you more freedom of movement, capacity to handle stress, and new ways of living your life. 

All Folx Welcome 🏳️‍🌈

No matter race, religion, sexual orientation, or any orientation; what you have or haven’t done; I hold a tight container and safe, confidential space to allow you to metaphorically dis-member and re-member yourself. This re-membering and all that it encompasses is a sacred process, and I am honored to guide you on this path and light the way when you can’t quite see the path. 

Individual & Packaged Coaching Sessions

Single Session

  • $90/hour session videoconference

  • $120/hour in-person


This is for folks who want to get a taste of my work, or established clients who are dropping in for a tune up session. 

5-time Coaching Punch Pass (20% discount)

  • $360 via videoconference

  • or $500 in-person

  • expires after 3 months


This is great for folks who want continued support after the monthly membership program; sporadic sessions as a tune up to stay on track.  It’s also for folks who aren’t ready to go all-in on working together for 3 months, or who only want occasional support. It expires after three months because this work is best done on a consistent basis, and I want to work with folks who are committed to their own transformation.

3-Month Membership Program (~40% discount)

  • $666 up front for up to 12 sessions

  • $222/month - up to 4 sessions monthly; 

  • 3-month minimum commitment

  • In-person sessions, add $30 to each session.

This package is like having me on retainer for whenever you need support. You can schedule all your sessions up front (no more than 4 per calendar month) or as needed. If you choose not to use 4 sessions each month, they do not carry over to following months - it’s “use it or lose it” - kind of like a psychospiritual gym membership 💪🧘 My intention in offering this incredible deal is threefold:  1) It helps me plan my finances three months in advance, which really helps me be able to focus on my most important work: guiding you!  2) It makes coaching more financially feasible for more folks.  3) This type of work is most effective when applied consistently over multiple sessions within a relatively short time frame, and this package allows folks to do just that.

Ready to get started?

The first step is to book a complimentary, 30-minute exploratory session so... and I can get a feel for each other to see if it's the right fit (chemistry is so important!).

      ...I can learn more about your goals and let you know if my work can help. can learn more about working with me and ask any questions you'd like. 

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