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Clarity + Intention-setting

A Special 90-minute Coaching Session 
with Transformational Coach Julia Yanker 

Navigate Your Life With Confidence

Find clarity and set intentions to guide your days, decisions, and life.

  • Online Zoom Session: $110

  • In-person Session: $140

How did I end up HERE?

Why does this keep happening

to me?!


I feel so stuck!

Help, I'm stuck! 


At some point in our lives, we experience repeating, undesirable patterns in our life. We apply metaphorical band-aids to the re-occurring wound and hope it will go away...

we try harder... 


we chastise ourselves...


we apply more pressure...

eventually, we feel like giving up. 

We don't realize there is actually a splinter stuck in the wound that keeps it from healing.

Most New Year’s resolutions or other goals fail because we:


a) lack clarity

b) don’t know how to deal with the inevitable roadblocks that arise, or

c) experience “self-sabotage” as we try to move forward

I've heard clients say: 


"I know what I want but need some support in making this big change."

"I feel completely stuck and want it to be different, but I don't know how to get out of this rut!"

"I don't know what I want at all or who I even am anymore."

“Why do I keep self-sabotaging myself like this?!”


What to Expect

We'll work together in our 90 minutes on:

DISCOVERY: We’ll survey the landscape of your current reality and thwarted desires. What’s the core challenge?

EXPLORATION: We’ll explore the challenge in more depth. What’s the root cause? Where does this pattern come from? We’ll let the body be our guide, as well as my expertise with following the thread back.

THE COMPASS + MAP: We’ll create a roadmap for you to follow as you head off on this adventure, and make sure your internal compass is calibrated so you can navigate upcoming decisions confidently. What resources will be helpful to you? What’s the next step? You’ll have concrete action steps to sink your teeth into. 



AND, let’s be realistic - you can’t solve all of life’s problems with a 90-minute coaching session. But you CAN identify the obstacles or challenges, learn how to work with them, get some resources, and have an action plan on how to deal with them.


Why Julia & SE Can Help


This session is designed specifically for you - we won't be following a formula.


I know what it’s like to feel stuck and lost, or unsure of what to do next…and then figuring it out but feeling like I’m frozen in place and can’t move towards my goals. I tried and failed in applying all the trendy pop psychology, manifestation, and coaching tools. I felt powerless, frustrated, and ashamed of myself.

Finally, I stumbled upon Somatic Experiencing ("SE") – a modality that finally helped me break through my blocks to be able to get clarity on what I wanted, and the energy and motivation to go get it by bringing my body, mind, and spirit into alignment; even when what I needed to do was hard, or the last thing I actually wanted to be doing (Why hello there, business book keeping! 😮‍💨

And sure, some of us can write out our goals and set our intentions all by ourselves. Oftentimes, this is enough. If this is you, you wouldn’t still be reading this.

And sometimes, we need a little support untangling the morass of our minds. We experience ourselves as “self-sabotaging” our own efforts. Despite our best intentions, setting goals, and getting an enthusiastic the initial motivation wanes and the vagaries of life exert their influences, we haven’t been able to change our behaviors in the long-term.



The Nerdy Science Stuff

This is because our thoughts drive behavior, and our thoughts are driven by the needs of the body – the nervous system, specifically. The nervous system is in charge of keeping us safe. And if we haven’t attended to the ways in which our body perceives our goals as a threat to the status quo, it will continually block our forward progress, commonly called “self-sabotage.” 

Come partner with me in unraveling this conundrum. You don't have to do it alone!

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I came into my session with Julia feeling frustrated with my lack of momentum in breaking through some long-term procrastination. I've consulted with talk-therapists, energy healers, and astrologers, all of which gave me insight, but none of which actually helped me deal with the block.

After 90 minutes with Julia, I feel like I have learned a life lesson that will stay with me forever- the body never lies, and it really just needs to be acknowledged for its wisdom.

Through it all, Julia held space for me, stayed curious about my experience, and asked just the right questions to guide me through to a deeper understanding. I can now see my procrastination for what it is, and have the skills I need to address it with self-awareness and compassion.


- Susan Tutt

I came to my session with Julia anxious about my career and the upcoming career-related decisions I needed to make. My session was motivating, grounding, and informative. Julia gave me tangible action steps and strategies to take with me. She gifted me with a new vocabulary that has helped me understand the clues my body is giving me. This has helped me feel more in tune with my values as I make decisions. She provided me with resources and I’ve been able to sink my teeth into these new ideas long after our session. The strategies I learned, and the content of the resources provided, have continued to show up in my life weeks later. As a result of my session, I am feeling more equipped to face the stressors in my life and to make decisions aligned with my values.

- Jasmine W.

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