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Learn more about Somatic Experiencing

How does Somatic Experiencing help adventurers recover from traumatic incidents?

You can watch a short video of my Somatic Experiencing story and how it helped me recover from outdoor trauma in my video, Cracked: Where the Light Comes In.  Thank you to Pecha Kucha of Bozeman for hosting me!

Somatic Experiencing sounds cool! I want to learn more and geek out on the science.

There are two organizations, both founded by Peter Levine, that are focused on bringing the healing magic of SE to the world:

  1. Somatic Experiencing International provides professional trainings to learn the technique of SE.

  2. Ergos Institute of Somatic Education is a treasure trove of information and provides advanced-level SE trainings. 

Here is a short video on Peter Levine talk about Somatic Experiencing. 

What is the Threat-Response Cycle? How does it work?

Watch the below video of the threat-response cycle as demonstrated by a polar bear. Warning: this video could be distressing to some. Don't worry, the polar bear is ok! Fun fact - wild animals have never been known to show trauma symptoms because they always complete the threat-response cycle. Only humans and captive animals have been known to show trauma. Discovering this was the key that led Peter Levine to develop SE.


In the beginning, you see the "flee" response. At 41 seconds, when this response appears to be ineffective, you see the bear turn to engage with a fight response. At timestamp 1:10, the bear starts to wake back up and the body is discharging.

What does a Somatic Experiencing Session Look Like?

Here is a video showing Peter working with Ray, a war veteran, to alleviate PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms using Somatic Experiencing. 

Micro 10_edited.jpg


"I came to Julia because I felt frenzied, stressed and overwhelmed. Little did I know just how deep we would dig to get to the root of these feelings. Julia helped me find ways to make meaningful changes, both internally and externally. Julia takes a very holistic, well-rounded approach. She’s open to the myriad of paths and ideas that can offer people help and inspiration. She recognizes that life is an ever-evolving process, and encourages embracing the journey."

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