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Investment: $500

We'll spend a day together out in nature doing a deep dive to explore your inner landscape and chart a course towards the horizon of your desires. We'll create the conditions necessary for transformation, healing, and clarity.   

Do you know the myth of the Phoenix?

The Phoenix is said to be a creature who, from time to time, meets its death in flames that consume it to ash. Everything it ever knew of itself is stripped away. Disaster has clearly struck, and life, it would seem, is over.


Ashes are a very fertile substance, and from these ashes, it is reborn and flies forth anew. 
We all have times when what we know of ourselves is burned away - when change is wrought upon us, or perhaps chosen by us.


Who are we when tragedy rips the known from us?

Who should we choose to be after we lose our job or simply can't stomach going back to our toxic work place one. more. day?

How can we have what we most deeply desire in our lives? 

What's holding us back?!

And where the HELL did my compass go?!?!

Losing or leaving a loved one, a job, a home, and other big life changes can be scary - full of grief and uncertainty.

AND amidst all the chaos, you have a CHOICE:
who will you be on the other side? 

This day-long immersion is a deep dive into answering that question. If you want to intentionally create your life, this offering is what I've created, for you. It would be my deepest honor to accompany you as a guide during this exploration and sacred time of change in your life.   

If you'd like to learn more about what this would look like, the first step is to schedule a complimentary, 30-minute exploratory call. 

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