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Connect heart to heart, spirit to spirit, in sacred ceremonial space.

Who (11 awesome people), what, when, and where are below - but first, the WHY. I believe that each and every one of us is a little spark of God/Spirit put in human form, and I want to revel in that 🔥 


I want to embody my highest potential as the divine and love in action everyday and be in sacred community...


...yet I find what most churches teach to be toxic...and most shamanic circles aren't centered around the divinity within, here we are:


I humbly offer to my community what I most desire for myself - true heart connection with spirit-minded community members and nourishing ritual in a ceremonial setting.

If this speaks to you, I hope you'll come play with me! ALL folx loved & welcome 🏳️‍🌈


🌊 Come immerse yourself where we'll be swimming in the sacred together 🌊


🕉️ ♾️ 🪺 We'll blend the ancient traditions of Self-Realization with the more shamanic rituals of honoring Earth's natural cycles 🪺  ♾️ 🕉️ 

☯️ 🌱 🌎 We'll soak in divinity and devotion, as well as honoring the arrival of Spring; exploring what it means to live in spiritual and physical balance during this time on our planet 🌎 🌱 ☯️

 🌀🪶✨   Let's make some magic together! 🪶 🌀


This is a unique offering and won't be everyone's cup of tea. I've endeavored to provide All. The. Details. below to aid you in deciding if it is the right fit for you. Still not sure? Have questions? I'd love to chat! Call or text me at: 4O6-45I-IO53​



Vernal Equinox: March 19 - 20th, 2024

Before Retreat

  • 30-minute one-on-one intention setting coaching session


  • Arrivals welcome at 5pm

  • Dinner at 7pm

  • Ceremony begins at 7:30pm


  • Breakfast at 9am

  • Closing circle ~10am

  • Property cleared by 12pm

  • Optional Yellowstone Hot Springs soak at 12pm

After Retreat

  • 1-hour integration coaching session


  • Overnight retreat at Forest Service cabin in Paradise Valley

  • Exact location shared upon registration

  • ~1 hour from Bozeman, plus hike/ski in

  • Pre- & post-coaching sessions via videoconference or in-person


  • 1/4 mile to cabin from parking - XC skis or snowshoes recommended

  • You will need to haul in whatever you need on your back or a sled

  • Carpooling encouraged

  • Access may require 4WD or chains - we'll make sure everyone who wants to get there can!

  • Accessibility concerns? Reach out & let's make something work! I have some training in adaptive techniques 

Accommodations & Meals:

  • RUSTIC Forest Service cabin - be prepared for mice or bugs and wildlife

  • Single beds and bunk beds - BYOBedding

  • Ceremony may be indoors or outdoors; weather dependent

  • No water, plumbing, or electricity - outhouse on site

  • Heating via wood stove

  • Water for washing & drinking will be provided

  • Snacks and some non-alcoholic beverages provided

  • Dinner, breakfast, coffee, and tea provided

  • I will attempt to accommodate dietary restrictions; let's chat if you've got some

Pricing - $240, which includes:

  • A 30-minute pre-retreat intention-setting coaching session

  • A 1-hour post-retreat integration coaching session

  • Cost-sharing of expenses for the cabin, meal, firewood, etc.

  • The retreat activities at the cabin are offered as a free-of-charge bonus with purchase of the coaching sessions





This might be for you if... don't mind rustic accommodations that include potential critters like mice, bugs, and other wildlife (don't worry - if you hate mice we can give you a top bunk! And I promise to be your mouse-bodyguard 🥷 ...but spiders, you're on your own! 🤭 ). bask in a warm glow when there is talk of Spirit, God, the Universe, or Creator and you are of the mindset that you are God in human form. prize adventure over comfort. The wild location, weather, and the hike in with your gear in snow are all factors to take into serious consideration. If you have accessibility difficulties, please reach out and we'll see what we can do! DON'T need private accommodations. You'll be sleeping with up to 11 people in one cabin. can abstain from being under the influence of all substances during our time together. This includes alcohol, THC, psychedelics, other drugs, etc. If you show up under the influence, you will be asked to leave. are feeling generally stable. This retreat is not a substitute for psychotherapy and I am not able to give those currently experiencing suicidal ideation or other serious mental illness the attention they deserve in this sort of setting. 

 ✨    🍇    C O M E          B E        N O U R I S H E D    🍇   ✨

ABOUT YOUR CEREMONIALIST, JULIA YANKER ( ⬅️ click link for my full bio)

Register for the Retreat

Swimming in the Sacred: An Equinox Retreat

Please send $240 to my PayPal or Venmo and let me know where I should look for it:

Once payment is sent, you're all set & will receive an email from me with next steps 🙌

Can't wait to be with you!

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