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Julia Yanker

Somatic Coach for Outdoor Enthusiasts
Trauma Healing Specialist

When we adventure outdoors, eventually, things go wrong. Sometimes it's a harmless but scary fall, and sometimes it's a tragic event with fatal consequences. 

After one of these events, we can lose our stoke for the activity we used to love; or our anxiety level will go through the roof when we try to get out again. One way or another, the things we used to find great joy in have become a source of fear, anxiety, or depression.

This is where I can help. 

Others find me because they're having trouble navigating group dynamics in adventure sports, defining and holding appropriate boundaries, lacking clarity around what they want in their life, or being stuck in patterns that become obstacles to creating the life they see for themselves. 

This, too, is where I can help. 

I am a guide who can support you in accessing your inner wisdom and knowing, helping you unlock your innate ability to heal whatever is holding you back. 

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