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I’m Julia Yanker - a born contrarian and rebel wild woman. Freedom facilitator and midwife of transformation; lover of nature and adventurologist. And oh yeah – for those interested in credentials, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Equine Business Management and the letters behind my name are “SEP,” which means I’m certified as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, aka trauma resolution specialist. I’ve also trained as a life coach.


I bring my deep love and respect for the natural world and its natural intelligence into my work, as well as all the knowledge of the body, mind, and soul I’ve gained through my dedication to my own healing. My work currently encompasses two branches: 1) working with adventure sports enthusiasts to overcome the psycho-spiritual-somatic effects of harmful incidents in the backcountry and 2) working with folks who feel stuck in life, love, or work and lack clarity or motivation for their life path. Yes, what I offer my clients is as eclectic as my own background! 


My love of nature has led me on many adventures, via many modes of travel. Being a young, horse-crazy girl led me to working with horses professionally (3-day eventing, ranching, and wrangling). As a young adult, my love for the wilderness and exploring all its nooks and crannies found me canyoneering, rock/ice climbing, skiing, whitewater boating, dirt biking, wild ice skating, camping, and backpacking, to name a few.


All the while, another passion of mine filled dark evenings and rainy weekends: I endeavored to tame the monkey of my mind and heal my lifelong depression through mindfulness teachings, meditation, and psychological study. Eventually, this led me to the life's work of Dr. Peter Levine, who pioneered the highly effective method of trauma resolution called Somatic Experiencing. I learned that “trauma” isn’t just experienced by war veterans, sexual assault and abuse survivors. In fact, we all experience some sort of trauma on life’s path with various degrees of impact on our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Some of it is “little t” trauma, and some of it is “Big T” Trauma. 


I am honored to call this my life's work: guiding people on their healing journey so they can be happy, healthy, and whole; living life untethered from the life-energy-sucking symptoms of trauma or stress injury. 


Along my healing journey, I have discovered and retrieved many gifts that I now offer my clients, including: 

  • Somatic Coaching Skills – I know the mechanism of injury for how life’s events get trapped in our body, mind, and spirit, trapping us in patterns that do not serve us in our living our desired life. I am trained to gently help release this from the body, which allows you more freedom of movement within your body, emotions, and thoughts; thus allowing an organic change in your stuck behavior patterns and leading to new actions and possibilities in life. 

  • Clarity – I can see where and how and why people are stuck, and I can help them uncover their own clarity – who they really are, what they really want, and next steps along life’s path. 

  • Compassion – life is hard. It hurts – I know. I want to help, and I have gone deep to develop the skills to do so. I will walk with you into the deepest darkest to befriend the demons and retrieve your own authenticity, integrity, and gifts. 

  • Sacred, Safe Space – no matter race, religion, sexual orientation, or any orientation; what you have and haven’t done; I hold a tight container and safe space to allow you to dismember and re-member yourself. This re-membering and all that it encompasses is a sacred process, and I am honored to guide you on this path and light the way when you can’t see.

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