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Couples Coaching

I am trained to gently help release this from the body, which allows you more freedom of movement within your body, emotions, and thoughts; thus allowing an organic change in your stuck behavior patterns and leading to new actions and possibilities in life. 

Single Session

  • $90/hour session videoconference

  • $120/hour in-person


This is for folks who want to get a taste of my work, or established clients who are dropping in for a tune up session. 


5-time Coaching Punch Pass (20% discount)

  • $360 videoconference, expires after 3 months

  • $500 in-person


This is great for folks who want continued support after the monthly membership program; sporadic sessions as a tune up to stay on track. 


It’s also for folks who aren’t ready to go all-in on working together for 3 months, or who only want occasional support. It expires after three months because this work is best done on a consistent basis, and I want to work with folks who are committed to their own transformation. 


3-Month Membership Program (~40% discount)

  • $666 up front for up to 12 sessions

  • $222/month - up to 4 sessions monthly; 

  • 3-month minimum commitment

  • In-person sessions, add $30 to each session.


This package is like having me on retainer for whenever you need support. You can schedule all your sessions up front (no more than 4 per calendar month) or as needed. If you choose not to use 4 sessions each month, they do not carry over to following months - it’s “use it or lose it” - kind of like a psychospiritual gym membership 💪🧘


My intention in offering this incredible deal is threefold: 

  1. It helps me plan my finances three months in advance, which really helps me be able to focus on my most important work: guiding you! 

  2. It makes coaching more financially feasible for more folks. 

  3. This type of work is most effective when applied consistently over multiple sessions within a relatively short time frame, and this package allows folks to do just that.



7:00 - 8:30pm
Emergence Movement & Wellness Studio
521 E Peach St,  Bozeman, MT
$20 Suggested Donation* - the more people, the less per person!
All Folx Welcome 🏳️‍🌈

*No one turned away for inability to pay. This donation pays for the space &
supports me in being able to continue supporting our community ❤️‍🔥

Single Session $90/hour session videoconference $120/hour in-person

We'll spend a day together doing a deep dive to explore your inner landscape and chart a course towards the horizon of your desires. We'll create the conditions necessary for transformation, healing, and clarity.   

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